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Customized Office Networks

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In the ever-changing business world that is New York and New Jersey, cutting-edge IT services are more than a necessity—they’re a strategic asset. At Basile Consulting, we equip you with the IT solutions you need to outpace challenges and embrace opportunities.

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Meeting Your IT Needs With Precision

From the lifelines of seamless communication to the arteries of robust connectivity, our range of IT services at Basile Consulting ensure that your enterprise is primed for growth and customer excellence.

Streamlined Office Networks

A solid network is the backbone of your business operations. Our team specializes in crafting networks that are as efficient as they are reliable, ensuring that your team stays connected, your data flows securely, and your business remains a step ahead.

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services

Communication is key. Upgrade how your business connects with clients and teams alike. Our VoIP solutions offer crisp, clear, and reliable calling experiences that keep your conversations going, no matter the distance.

Wireless Networking Solutions (WiFi)

Business does not stand still, and neither should your connectivity. With our WiFi solutions, enjoy the freedom to move while staying linked to the digital realm, ensuring unbroken productivity and accessibility.

Servers and Workstations
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Servers and Workstations: The Engines of Your Enterprise

Power up your business with servers and workstations that match your intensity and ambition. Our tailored services ensure your digital workhorses are always running at optimal performance.

Enhancing Reach with Cell Repeater Services

Never experience a dead zone in your workspace. Our cell repeater services are designed to amplify your cellular reception, ensuring strong signals for seamless mobile communications throughout your premises.

rogrammers cooperating brainstorming at information technology company
Programmers cooperating brainstorming at information technology company

Multimedia Solutions for Audio and Video

Create immersive audio and visual experiences for your clients or staff. Whether it is for presentations, conferences, or media consumption, our systems deliver quality and performance that speak volumes.

Cutting-Edge Gaming Systems

Stay ahead of the game with custom-designed gaming systems that challenge the status quo. For businesses that require high-performance graphics and processing, these systems are ready to push the boundaries.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Keep your business mobile and manageable. Our MDM services give you control of your fleet of handheld devices, safeguarding your data while empowering your workforce.

Reliable Electricity Services

Power is a fundamental need for any modern business. Our electricity services ensure your operations run without a hitch, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Programmers cooperating brainstorming at information technology company
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Efficient Email Server Setup

Manage your communication streams with a reliable email server, designed to keep your correspondence secure, organized, and flowing efficiently.

Security Camera Systems

Keep a vigilant eye on your assets with our sophisticated security camera systems. Monitor your space with ease for peace of mind and assured safety.

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Customized Network Services

Every business is unique, and so should be its network. Our customized network tailoring ensures your IT infrastructure meets the exact needs of your business, supporting your growth every step of the way.

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